About us

Our goal is to enable the industry with augmented reality. We started our journey by rethinking the way service personal gets instructed. We work currently with 8 amazing customers, bringing their service & training game to the next level. And we are not stopping there, if you want to play your part, apply to these open positions. We strongly believe in team spirit: a team that laughs together stays together.


Get to know the Rimons

What do Rimons like

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The A(R) Team

to aim high?

We are ! What about you? Work with cutting-edge technology, and shape the futur with us. Rimon is looking for great minds to reach its vision of "Enable people by rethinking the manual". Your job will consist of conceptualization, development & integration work on the Rimon platform & framework. But also shaping the company culture to make it the amazing place you deserve.

Open positions


Unity Developer

Intern Unity Developer

Start day






Your dreamjob isn't mentioned? We are always looking for talents, so if you're interested, please let us know!


Next steps after applying


1. Have a chat with our Founder

You will have the interview with the founder of the company. He will ask you about your motivation and why you would be a perfect fit for us


2. Do a task

Depending on the job you are applying for, you will be given a suitable task to work on. For example a presentation or a coding task.


3. Meet the team

If you masterd the task, we would love to have a coffe or a tea with you. In this step it's more about to get to know each other 🙂


4. Last steps

If it's a good fit, there are just a few last administrative things to take care of, and we look forward to welcoming you on your first day at rimon.