What we offer

How we enable people of your company

Rimon develops and validates Augmented Reality applications in close conjunction with you to define the best suitable solution for your company and customers.

Application definition & impact calculation

Working with your team in an interactive manner to define the best use cases with highest possible impact. So that initial costs are returned after low numbers of operational use.

Work with your team

Find highest impact use case

Early profitability

Developing for field & training scenarios

Together with your end-users, we’ll bring your use case to life. Using an agile approach to improve the acceptance of the app and therefore the impact it will have on your business.

End-user involvement from the start

Agile development

Strong impact on your business

Exploratory use case testing

With our ties to universities such as ETH Zurich we can test state-of-the-art features directly from research into your app giving you always an edge over your competitors.

State-of-the-art features

Working together with research labs

Staying ahead of the competition

Tech talks and workshops

Through our workshops we are able to provide your team with insights into the mixed reality world. Or taking it a step further, defining first use cases through a collaborative workshop session.

Insights into the mixed reality world

Best practices for use case definition

Collaborative workshops

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