Overachieving your current KPIs

Rimon developed a framework to prototype and author step-by-step instructions in a simpler and faster way than conventional tools. These instructions can be deployed on Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses as well as handheld devices. Several use cases showed that, using AR Glasses with Rimon’s step-by step instruction reduces critical errors by 100% and increases overall performance thanks to clear and structured guidance.

AR/VR Talk


Presenting overview of AR/VR and state of the art examples of industry. Including Hololens 2 Demo & best approaches to find use cases for AR.

AR/VR Talk

Give overview of VR and AR and displaying state of the art examples.

AR for service teams


Identify and apply AR use case for service workforce. Business case and impact calculation.


Accompany and identify pain-points of service personnel.


~10% Reduction in training costs and ~20% increase in field efficiency.